Services Offered

  • Contraception Administration
  1. Mesigyna Injection for 1 Month of protection
  2. Depot Provera Injection for 3 Months of protection
  3. Jadelle Implant (Formerly Norplant ) for 5 years of protection
  4. Intra Uterine Device (IUD or Copper T ) for 10 years of protection


  • Office Consultations/Visits , come in today to address your medical issues from the long standing for example High Blood Pressure , Diabetes ,  to urgent conditions such as Asthma attacks ,please call or come in for more information.


  • Care of Children , from the new born baby to growing teenagers we are pleased to offer the finest paediatric care available contact us for more information.


  • Care of the Elderly , geriatric care  is one of our many passions from the routine check up to acute concerns let us assist you with any issue you have contact us now so we can help.


  • Minor Surgeries , from large cuts requiring stitches ,to lumps requiring removal, to abscesses requiring drainage  and virtually any minor surgery , allow us to give our expert assistance gleaned from wealth of experience and practice


  • Medicals , school , work , overseas , immigration, drivers licence , insurance virtually any medical you can conceive we will gladly assist with please contact us for an affordable quotation and come in today.


  • Medicals for the Supreme or other courts and or Insurance / Disability purpose , in the event of any event requiring disability calculation we will expedite your report and therefore your compensation.


  • Home Visits , unable to come  to us? let us come to you…… contact us for our home visit option , all we require is advanced notice so we can assist you , call to let us come to you today.


  • Care of the Pregnant Patient , frustrated with the government clinics and on a budget ?allow us to care for you doing your pregnancy ,wherein not only a thorough examination is performed but also complimentary antenatal ultrasound ,allow us to help you on your maternal journey.


  • Rapid STD Testing , need to know your status ? we perform HIV ,Syphillis and Herpes testing on site all results confidential and received in less than 5 minutes.Come in today


  • Many More , the above represents a small amount of what we do please contact us with any questions about services required so we can assist you