Parents Get Your Discounted 2018 Back To School Medical Now (Updated)

drwan Medical Information

Doctor and nurse examine patient with mother for school medical in Jamaica

Stony Hill Medical Centre is pleased to offer students their back to school medical reports at a very affordable rate.This applies to high school ,primary and basic schools.

This discounted pricing is ongoing and not limited (it can be done any of the seven days a week that we open).Although we do advise the earlier the better.The medical itself does not include a prescription , additional test , injection or sick leave .

We would rather not do medicals on ill children , we prefer instead, to treat the illness and do the medical at another time .

Medicals for university students and otherwise attract our regular fees ( overseas and drivers licence medicals attract more ) . Please contact us for more information .

An adequate school medical , as done at our facility , involves a thorough examination of all systems where the patient typically lies on an examination couch and the physician performs his duties .The medical form is completed concurrently with the examination.Subsequent to the examination any issues with the child is addressed.

A school medical and annual medical in general is a good idea annually not only for students but for all patents to ensure good health.

Come in or call us today for yours !